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Hayashi Seiko Co. ltd. Japan
Hayashi Seiko Co. Ltd. Japan (HSK)
Hayashi Seiko - A driving force behind the fast progressing world.
Various industries that encircle our life are making remarkable progress day by day. Technology is changing rapidly and is having a profound impact on our lives. High precision steel plays a vital role in implementing these newer technologies.
Hayashi Seiko is making contribution to the society by supplying precision steel required in the manufacture of automobiles, construction machines, manufacturing equipments or precision instruments.
Welcome to Hayashi Seiko Company Limited.
Hayashi Seiko Co. Ltd.
Hayashi Seiko offers wide range of products including high precision shaft, general-purpose cold drawn steel rods, quenched and tempered cold drawn rods, high precision steel rods and cold drawn steel coils
Hayashi Seiko has variety of steel types available by virtue of close relations with 10 domestic steel manufacturers
Preemptive use of Lead-free steel to conserve environment
Hayashi Seiko has plentiful stock and direct-sales and supply to customers
Hayashi Seiko Co. Ltd. Japan
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